check FREE registration of an academy as an academy owner.
check FREE registration of graduations as a practitioner.
check Supporting multiple martials arts for both academies and practitioners.
check Online registration and buying of gym membership(s) by (new) members.
check Online registration for trial periods.
check Checkin kiosk (for attendences and belt promotions).
check Members report to Excel.
check Secure online payment with IBAN debit cards using SEPA Direct Debit or Bancontact.
check Email & SMS membership confirmations and renewal reminders.
check Possibility for automatic membership renewals and payments.
check 100% mobile friendly.
check Financial dashboard with Stripe.
check Messaging between academy owners and (future) members.
check OPTIONALLY: including sports insurance of a connected Belgian federation.

Belgian platform connecting martial arts practitioners, academies and federations.

"Online dojo management made simple!"

Martial Connect is engineered by D-Boost.

Contact: info@MartialConnect.com

Getting Started

Step 1: Sign Up.

Step 2: Add your IBAN debit card in your account under 'My payment method'. You will NOT be charged until you buy or post any gym membership. You can cancel anytime.

Step 3 (optional): Configure 'My payout method' if you want to post your own gym memberships and get paid by subscribers.

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